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The Story of Na-trulyadabella natural curly haircare journey.


Humble Beginnings - Natural curly hair is truly Beautiful.

NA-TRULYADABELLA was founded in 2021 by Robin Strachan and her sister. Birth from the love of creating my own concoction for both my hair and skin. In 2020 circumstances lead me to having to cut off my mid back length natural curly hair. During this time my beloved sister encouraged me to put my focus into something more positive and share my renewed curly hair growth journey as well as my love for DIY hair products with others.

My journey of returning to the love of all things natural began in 1999 after I graduated high school. I have always been a more natural person and wanted to return to my roots. Over twenty years later I am still enjoying the journey and pray natural beauty including natural curly hair is embraced and cherish as it deserves to be.

At NA-TRULYADABELLA we focus on formulating products with all natural ingredients that will improve the overall health and look of your natural curly hair. Researching how each ingredient work then creating combination that your curly hair will love, thus creating a nurturing environment for your hair to flourish and grow. Utilizing the powerful benefits of herbs, ayurvedic powders and nutritious vegan oils I believe is crucial to great hair care and overall hair health. And when it came to choosing the perfect combination for our products it was an overwhelming task with so many amazing herbs, powders and oils to choose from and me wanting to infuse our products with some of the best ingredients that the earth has to offer. But I believe with time, patience, research and guidance from the Creator of it all, we were able to infuse our products with an incredible balance of nutrients from each group to provide amazing moisture, hydration, strength and overall scalp health for a more productive curly hair growth journey. Each product is tested on my own natural curly hair first until I am satisfied before it makes the final cut. So, while it is understood that not all hair reacts the same, I still have the utmost confidence that our products have been formulated with great care and consideration in providing the best results possible to your curly hair care routine.

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