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Welcome to the NA-TRULYADABELLA Blog - Let's discuss All Things Natural Type 4 Haircare.

Updated: Jan 6

Let the adventure commence! I'm about to spill the beans on how my type 4 hair went on a magical journey of discovery, all thanks to the wonders of all-natural ingredients.

natural and truly beautiful

Discovering courage in reconnecting with Mother Nature in my haircare journey.

Let's time travel to June 1999, when I finally took the reins of my hair care routine and kissed goodbye to the chemical madness that had ruled my mane for years. It was time to let nature work its magic and bring out the glorious strength and beauty of my hair. And voila! After two decades of nurturing my hair with natural goodness and learning tricks of the trade, my locks have never looked better. Fast forward to 2020, and I'm sharing my secrets with the world through my little business of handmade haircare products. It's my passion to explore unique blends of natural ingredients that work wonders for your hair. Let's all embrace the power of nature, one strand at a time!


Embarking on the journey of tending to natural type 4 hair or skin care can lead to a realm of enchanting possibilities. As you explore the wonders of nature, a plethora of benefits await. From the nourishing embrace of butters and oils to the captivating essence of extracts and other natural sources, the enchantments of nature are boundless. Immerse yourself in this magical realm and discover the secrets of its bountiful treasures.

The Journey continues.....

Nature has been a true blessing in my life. It's no secret that I'm head over heels for Mother Nature, and I'm grateful for the chance to share my passion with others. Let's get natural and embrace the beauty around us!

What level are you in your all things natural journey?

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