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Introducing the Nurtured Growth - Butter Mint Healing Balm, a luxurious hair balm that promotes scalp health and hair growth. Infused with Uccuba oil, tomato seed oil, and Hibiscus seed oil, this balm is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that nourish and strengthen hair. Peppermint oil helps to stimulate follicles while also aiding in sebum production to prevent breakage. With regular use, this balm thickens and strengthens hair, leaving you with healthy and luscious locks.

Nurtured Growth - Butter Mint Healing Balm

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  • Incorporate the Buttermint healing balm into your hair care regimen by applying it to your scalp and hair during wash day, weekly moisturizing, or while employing protective styling. Doing so can help maintain the health and nourishment of your hair and scalp.

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