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  • Nourish Your Hair With The Use of Organic Hair Care Products

    Human hair deserves the same level as care for their skin, and opting for hair care products is an excellent idea to make a start. If you’re looking to involve some effective products in your beauty routine, then organic hair care products like organic shampoo, conditioner, and scalp oil for hair growth are the best choice, and these products can cater to all of your hair needs. NA-TRULYADABELLA is reliable in providing organic hair care products for different hair concerns like hair growth, dandruff, dryness, hair fall, frizz, weak, thin, and damaged hair. How else can I keep my hair healthy? In addition to choosing organic hair products, there are some things that you can do to keep your hair nourished without the use of harsh chemicals. Drink some more water that will hydrate your skin and hair, and eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as broccoli, spinach, and carrots. Always remember that you should use a hair care product that contains Aloe Vera, too, as they feature moisturizing properties and are completely organic. Explore Effective Safe Organic Hair Care Products Nourish Scalp Oil Nourish scalp oil is the best nourishing scalp oil, a blend of essential oils and ayurvedic powder to help strengthen and nourish the scalp. This oil can be used in scalp stimulating hair growth treatment which can make your hair become longer, fuller, and super nourished. Oil can stimulate the growth of fresh cells and keeps the scalp moist. The oil contains Acai Berry Oil and pumpkin oil, which are extremely beneficial to the hair root and scalp as they help to maintain healthy follicles. At NA-TRULYADABELLA, our perspective on haircare is focused around using organic products and traditional ways to prevent and reduce modern lifestyle issues like the use of harsh products and exposure to pollution. Visit our online store to get the suitable oil for your hair treatment. At NA-TRULYADABELLA, you can also easily get the best oil for scalp inflammation to reduce itchiness in your scalp. Moisture Quenched-Rinse out conditioner Conditioner is infused with Aloe Vera juice, Vitamin E, Cupuacu Butter, and banana powder to repair and revitalize dull hair. This natural conditioner keeps your hair shiny without any hair damage. It also contains Castor oil, Safflower oil, and Colloidal Oat, which help to maintain the moisture in hair and itchy scalp. Black Soap Infused Shampoo For a hair cleansing treatment, our shampoo provides the benefits of marula oil, organic raw honey, Cornsilk extract, and watercress extract. Watercress extract cleanses and hydrates your hair strands. With shampoo, you can protect your hair and scalp from bacterial infections that cause scalp issues resulting in damaged hair and poor hair growth. The nutrients in the watercress keep your scalp moisturized and conditioned. You can revitalize your curls by nourishing each hair follicle from the deep. Cornsilk leaves your scalp feeling silky, soft, and moisturized. It also has anti-bacterial properties, which is good for those dealing with scalp issues like dandruff and other bacterial growth in your scalp. With customers becoming highly hair conscious about the ingredients of hair care products, we have ensured that we do not use silicones, mineral oil, or harsh chemicals in our hair care products, making them completely safe for all age groups.

  • ONIONS! Not just for cooking?

    The Role of Onions in Hair Growth Increases keratin synthesis. Keratin is a natural type of protein in your skin, hair, and nails. It strengthens and fortifies the hair strands which reduces breakage. It nourishes the hair follicles. Onions are rich in sulfur, potassium & antioxidants all of which nourishes the hair follicles and makes them more voluminous and shiny. Reduces oxidative damage. It boost blood circulation in the scalp thus increasing cell regeneration. The nutrients in onion also assist the scalp and hair in retaining moisture. It sanitize the scalp. Onion juice applied to the scalp periodically can effectively help with the treatment of dandruff. Red Onion VS White Onion Red onions are more nutritious because they contain a greater amount of antioxidants and flavonoids which can help to reduce oxidative stress on the scalp. They also accelerate hair growth by shortening the resting phase of the hair growth cycle. On the other hand white onions contains a higher amount of sulfur which helps in preventing hair loss, strengthens the hair follicles and improve the hair elasticity. So which would I choose to incorporate in my haircare routine? Well, that answer is simple, BOTH. Red and white onion are both amazing for hair growth as each brings its own unique component to the table. Onion Remedies for Healthy Hair Growth Onion Oil Mask - (Onion juice, Coconut oil, Avocado oil & Honey) Onion Scrub - (Onion paste & Fine sugar) Onion Shampoo - (Red onion powder, Castille soap, Peppermint Hydrosol, Honey & Rosemary essential oil) Onion Serum - (Onion powder, Aloe vera gel, Sweet almond oil, Rose oil) Conclusion The amazing benefits both internally and topically of this vegetable cannot be denied. The onion is truly a superfood.

  • Welcome to the NA-TRULYADABELLA Blog - Let's discuss All Things Natural 4c Haircare.

    The Journey Begins!! My experience with 4c hair nourished by all natural ingredients. Finding confidence in the return to Nature. My journey begins in June of 1999, when after turning 18 I decided to take control of the maintenance of my hair. The frustration of having my hair chemically processed for years without having a say in the matter was finally over and I wanted to explore the amazing strength and beauty of natural the saying goes I was officially going back to my roots. EUREKA!!!! It has now been more than 20 years caring for my hair naturally and with the knowledge gathered saw the health of my hair improved tremendously. In 2020 I turn this amazing experience into a small business, sharing my passion for finding unique ways to blend all natural ingredients together, creating natural haircare products that would continue to boost and enhance the health of the hair strands. NATURAL AND TRULY BEAUTIFUL. Whether haircare or skincare the use of natural ingredients offers an array of amazing benefits and is definitely a route worth traveling. From butter, to oils, to extracts and all the other goodness in between can you ever really go wrong with dipping your strands or toes into this delightful pool of nature. The Journey continues..... It has been a great blessing to expand on what has become such an abundant joy in my life and I hope to continue sharing the great blessings of nature with others. SO LET'S GET NATURAL!!

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  • Exclusive Deals | NA-TRULYADABELLA

    Unlock More For Less 25% OFF All month long enjoy 25% OFF any Hair Masque with the code: MASQUE25 1 Get Gorgeous Hair For Less Finally, say hello to gorgeous curls for less! Nurture your natural locks with organic ingredients straight from nature. 2 Embrace Your Natural Hair Health Made with total hair nourishment in mind. Each product is a rich blend of natural, organic ingredients. 3 Made In A Completely Natural Way From ayurvedic remedies and healing herbs, to hair soothing butters and moisturizing oils all in one place. Experience the amazing goodness of nature in vegan, cruelty-free haircare products. Let's Get Started First Name Last Name Email Message Sign Me Up Thanks for submitting!

  • Ayurvedic Remedies Hair - Natural Haircare Products for Natural Curly Hair - Na-Trulyadabella

    Cocochia - Hair Masque $15.00 Price View Details Shop Now Tips on caring for natural curly hair. Try to always use naturally curly hair products made from clean natural ingredients. Avoid shampooing natural curly hair excessively and use shampoos that are curly hair friendly. Use minimal combing and brushing practices on curly hair, especially when wet. Always use cool to cold water after shampooing and conditioning to close your hair cuticles. Always take great care to protect your curly hair when sleeping. Na-trulyadabella - Natural Haircare Products For Natural Curly Hair. Our goal at Na-trulyadabella is to introduce products infused with amazing natural ingredients so that each curly strand gets to experience the amazing benefits of what nature truly offer to the health and strength of our precious but delicate follicles. Curly hair maintenance at times can be demanding and stressful, but with the right haircare products washday can become a spa day. At Na-trulyadabella we have passionately undertake the tasks of researching and focusing on blending ingredients together that can alleviate some of the stress of caring for your natural curls, leaving your strands more fortified, moisturized and manageable. Quick View Rejuvenation - Revitalizing Therapy Hair Masque Price $15.00 Best Seller Quick View Submerge - Hydration Therapy Hair Masque Price $15.00 Quick View Cocochia - Hair Masque Price $15.00 Quick View Vedafusion - Ayurvedic Therapy Hair Masque Price $15.00 Natural Curly Hair Products Contact Us Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any comments or concerns. P.O.Box 164243, Little Rock, AR 72216


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