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Studies have shown that the hair’s moisture levels depend on the amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands located in the hair follicles. This oily, waxy substance helps to coat, moisturize and protect the scalp and hair strands. So, less sebum means less moisture for the scalp and hair strands. This problem can be cause by a variety of factors including environmental stressors, changes in hormone levels, emotional stress and/or age. To the aid in this hair dilemma, we have the “deep conditioners” which are a combination of liquids, humectants, emollients and conditioning agents to help restore the moisture that was loss. Deep conditioning natural hair weekly or biweekly is imperative in assisting the hair and scalp in a boost of moisturizing benefits. And using deep conditioners that are a blend of more natural ingredients not only provides the moisture needed, but also offer an array of other amazing benefits for the scalp and hair.

Some benefits of natural products when conditioning natural hair.

•Natural ingredients contain antibacterial and antifungal properties for better scalp health •Products made with natural ingredients are gentler on the scalp and strands when conditioning natural hair •They provide natural strengthening and moisturizing benefits to the hair and scalp •Natural products reduce the chance of irritation to the scalp •Naturally made product are more eco-friendly

Tips on conditioning natural hair.

1.When conditioning natural hair apply a generous amount of deep conditioner to damp hair for better penetration into the hair shaft. 2.Apply the deep conditioner mainly to the ends of your hair when conditioning natural hair since it is the oldest and less moisturized part and more prone to damage. 3.Detangle hair gently after applying conditioner to ensure less breakage or damage. 4.Always try to apply low heat when conditioning natural hair for better a performance from your deep conditioner. 5.Always rinse out your deep conditioner with cool to cold water to lay your cuticle back down, especially on high porosity hair.

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